Hangin' with the Buddhas, Jeju, South Korea

Hangin’ with the Buddhas, Jeju, South Korea

I’m Marcie Miller, an American journalist, traveler, photographer and now Peace Corps Volunteer in Armenia (2015-2017). I have lived and worked as a journalist and teacher in Africa and Asia, and traveled throughout Europe, including eight visits to Ireland. I have written for print and online newspapers and magazines. I have a bachelor’s degree in communications with a minor in international studies from the University of Washington.

I helped to establish and wrote a column for the Arusha Times in Tanzania and was the inaugural managing editor of the Jeju Weekly in Jeju, South Korea. It was the first English newspaper on the lovely volcanic island off the southern tip of the Korean Peninsula.

While many women shy away from traveling alone, I’ve become quite adept at it. Sure, it’s nice to have a traveling companion, someone to read the map while navigating narrow Irish roads, or fend off drunks in a rowdy pub, but sans companion, I go it alone. Along the way I’ve found my inner gregarian (counter to my introvert nature), made new friends and learned a lot about myself.

Through this website I hope to impart some of the wisdom I’ve gained as a solo female traveler and perhaps inspire other women to follow their hearts to the open road, wherever it may lead them. And if you need guidance, advice or encouragement, I’ll be here for you. Let’s go!

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  1. Marcie,
    I love your motivations for your writing and your website. Apres!
    Fellow PCV Susan MacBryde

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